Custom tours
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Custom tours

We offer custom Photo tours and Workshops for travel agencies, families, photo clubs and other photo enthusiasts who have specific needs.

We also run production company for professional photographers, film crews, ad agencies and puplications.



Options and expectations:


In the end a custom tour depends on what the expectations are and what kind of people are in the group. Are the participants more adventurous or more easy going? Beginners or professionals? Landscape or nature oriented.

Please go through the following list of options and send us an email for what you are looking for. Then we can send you quote which may better suit your needs.

Photography level:
  • Beginner - candit photos.
  • Intermediate - amateur photographer!
  • Advanced - serious amateur or semi pro.
  • Professional - which field?
  • Please supply a link to online image gallery if available!


Specific shooting techniques:
  • Basic understanding of the camera and lenses.
  • Using tripod and slow shutter speeds
  • HDR
  • Panorama stitching
  • Time-lapse
  • SLR video features
  • Capturing motion
  • Special purpose filters
  • Anything in particular you would like to learn or accomplish?


Please send us email for further details: Online form.


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